Mobilna Szklarnia Miejska – CUCUMIS MOBILE

Mobile urban greenhouse – CUCUMIS MOBILE was created in cooperation with the Malafor studio.

The idea of the project is to allow people for getting in touch with the experience of growing greenhouse cucumbers, as these are inhabitants who care for the cultivation and crops.The project is mainly addressed to the representatives of 60+ generation, who have a lot of time and are quite familiar with this particular kind of activity. The municipial greenhouses may contribute to the creation of landscape architecture in Gdynia / Poland.
The greenhouse has an independent rainwater irrigation system. The special design of the roof collects rainwater in the tank, and then distributes it to the plants.The greenhouse is mobile – you can hook it to the car and transport it to another location.
Designed for Gdynia Design days 2014 – design festival


Materials: stainless steel, aluminium, wood


Gdynia / Poland